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Pillows for Patriots

Sewing is back – ALMOST. I’ve had several calls from individuals
wanting to know when we will start sewing (stuffing) again. Now
that the weather is improving and more of us have received our
COVID vaccinations, I think we should give it a try starting in May.
We will meet on my deck with masks and appropriate distancing I
would like to try for Friday, May 21st. Monday, May 24th is our
“bad weather” date.
Everyone is welcome. We will stuff, sew, and chat as we complete
“Comfort Pillows” for our wounded veterans. If you need
additional information, please call me at 973-818-1353. My
address is 23 William St., Mine Hill, NJ. Thanks, Cheryl


Knitters are needed to make “Ear Savers” for our frontline workers
who must wear masks for long periods of time. We need
rectangles in three sizes. They are 1”x 3”, 1”x 4” and
1”x 5”. They can be any color. I have a friend who adds buttons
to each narrow end of the rectangle. (The buttons hold the
earpieces and keep the elastic from rubbing on your ears.) She
then distributes them to various hospitals and doctor’s offices.
For more info, please call me at 973-818-1353. Thanks, Cheryl