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Our retirees are keeping busy and have already been getting together for 2019 – 2020! Ladies and gentlemen, we are waiting for you! No, we are not a gossip group or clique! We laugh, we network, we share, and we eat the best lunches! Soon we will be connecting again!

Check the “EVENTS” tab calendar for the address to see when we meet monthly, and join us whenever you can for lunch at places you choose at reasonable prices.

***Contact Elaine Goldfisher in enough time so she can reserve tables or sign up when you see her at our meeting/luncheons.***

Check Members-Only page for Elaine’s contact Info

Next LUNCH BUNCH will be announced as covid-19 crisis changes



we will re-schedule for another time. On behalf of Elaine Frank Goldfisher, thank you for understanding! (Alex)